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Theatre 121 Audition Information

Current Season Audition Information

June 21-30, 2024

Casting for this show is complete!

November 15 - December 1, 2024

Audition info coming summer 2024!

T121 Members: Check back soon.

Public: Check back soon. 

January 31 - February 16, 2025

Audition info TBD

T121 Members: TBD

Public: TBD

April 4 - 13, 2025

Audition info TBD

T121 Members: TBD

Public: TBD

June 20 - 20, 2025

Audition info TBD

T121 Members: TBD

Public: TBD

Audition FAQ

How do I audition for Theatre 121 shows?

Theatre 121 holds open auditions for each show of our season! To participate, sign up for an audition slot once the sign up becomes available. 

Does it cost money to audition?

Nope! It does not cost money to audition. If cast in a show, there is typically a small expense for the script.

  • Depending on the show’s licensing company, scripts are either rented or purchased.
  • Rented scripts require a $40 deposit ($20 for T121 members) that is returned upon return of script at the end of the show
  • Purchased scripts are typically $10-$15 and are yours to keep


Do I have to be a Theatre 121 member to audition?

No! Our auditions are open to everyone! However, our members get one week of early access to audition signups before the public gets access.

For priority notice and early audition signups, become a Theatre 121 member today!

Where will audition information be posted?

If we have active open audition sign-ups, audition information will always be posted in the following locations:

  • on the show specific page under the “Current Season” tab
  • Theatre 121 Facebook page, current open audition signups will be pinned to the top of the page
  • Theatre 121 Instagram


What is the audition process like?

While every audition is different and dependent on the director, all of our auditions have similar set ups. 

  • Unless otherwise noted, auditions typically take place in the Green Room of the Woodstock Opera House, refer to specific audition sign ups for exact locations
  • When you arrive (preferrable 15 minutes early) you will sign in and fill out an audition form.
    • Optional, print and complete form prior to arriving here
  • Each show’s audition information will specify what is required for each audition
    • For straight plays, typically monologues will need to be prepared in advance and performed for the audition panel
    • For musicals, you will typically need to prepare 32 bars, or 1 minute of a song in a style similar to the show
    • Additionally for musicals, there is typically a dance portion where auditionees will learn a dance and be evaluated on ability
    • For both plays and musicals, the director will sometimes ask for a cold reading


Who is in the audition room while I audition?

Typically the members that make up the audition panel include the Artistic Director, the Producer, the Stage Manager, and a Board Liason. For musicals, the Vocal Director, Choreographer, and Accompanist are also be present.

What are callbacks?

Callbacks occur a day or two after auditions and occur by invitation only when the Director wants to see certain auditionees in specific roles. If called back, you will typically be given a song and script sides to prepare ahead of time. 

If I didn’t get called back, does it mean I didn’t make the show?

No! Callbacks are typically just for lead and supporting roles. Ensembles roles are typically cast without callbacks. Additionally, it’s possible a director saw exactly what they wanted during auditions for a lead role, and don’t feel the need to see anyone else at callbacks for that role.

Will I hear back either way?

Yes, all auditionees will hear back from our show staff on casting decisions via email. 

April 12 - 28, 2024

No audition information available yet

June 21 - 30, 2024

No audition information available yet

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