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Storybook Players

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Children's Theatre for Anyone, Anywhere

Theatre 121 created Storybook Players to not only produce quality plays for young audiences, but to also engage members of our community who may never have seen live theatre or had easy access to live performances, We hope to create a life-long love of the arts as well as bring smiles to faces of all ages.

Storybook Players’ first season features mainly original scripts written, directed and performed by its members, each with a storybook theme. Audiences will enjoy original stories as well as recognize characters such as Sleeping Beauty, but with a modern twist. Currently performed and filmed on The Woodstock Opera House stage for online viewing, there are plans for future performances to be in-person.

Performances can be viewed with a low-cost monthly subscription at Patreon. ($5/month for basic access or $10/month for premiere access.) Additionally, each performance can be viewed for a limited time on YouTube for free. Watch our Facebook page for updates!

Storybook Players
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Join Us!

Interested in directing, producing, writing for or assisting with a Storybook Players production? Or if you are interested in auditioning to become a Storybook Players troupe member, watch our Facebook page for our annual audition announcement! 

Contact us and let us know how you'd like to help! Watch Our Facebook Page