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Ready for a night of side-splitting, R-rated hilarity that’ll leave you spellbound? Look no further than ‘Puffs’!

In this hilarious parody of a familiar story, three potential heroes are just trying to make it through a magic school that proves to be very dangerous for children. Alongside them are the Puffs, a group of well-meaning, loyal outsiders with a thing for badgers. Their epic quest takes the classic story to new places and reimagines what a boy wizard hero can be.

Whether you’re a fan of adult humor, love a good swear (or several), or just crave comedy that pushes the boundaries, this show is tailor-made for those who love wizard fandoms, hate wizard fandoms, and everyone in between!
Grab your tickets now and let the wizardry of comedy take over – you won’t regret it!
(Puffs is a PARODY of a famous wizard franchise, but rest-assured, the creators of this show have ensured that the author of that franchise doesn’t receive a SINGLE PENNY of proceeds. Theatre 121 loves and supports everyone in the LGBTQIA+ community)


Puffs is Rated-R and contains mature language and themes that may not be appropriate for all ages.


October 6-15, 2023


Tracey Lanman – Artistic Director

Jeff Cook – Director Mentor/Co-Producer

Karen Cook – Co-Producer

Adam Milne – Technical Director

Kae Schaefer – Stage Manager

Rachel Nedza – Costume Designer

Jason Clark – Set Designer, Set Construction Foreman/Scenic Artist

Amanda Lauteri – Set Dresser/Props Designer

Maxwell Robey – Lighting Designer

Christy Sturm – Photographer

Kelsey Waughon – Content Creator


Brett Barry – Wayne Hopkins

Elijah Freundl – Oliver Rivers 

Gianah Tomczak – Megan Jones

Stephen Pickering – Narrator

Justin Charles – Ernie Mac and A Very Tall Man, Seamus, A Certain Potions Teacher, Professor Turban, Ghost History Teacher, Professor Locky, Mr. Nick, Sal, Second Headmaster, Real Mr. Moody

Angie Graziano – Hannah and First Headmaster, Professor McG, Professor Sprouty, Xavia Jones, Professor Lanny, Runes Teacher, Ms. Babble

Jeff Graf – J. Finch Fletchley and Uncle Dave, Goyle, A Fat Friar,, Clumsy Longbottom, Hermeoone #3, Viktor, Mr. Bagman, Zach Smith

Randi Jonites – Leanne and Ginny, Helga, Frenchy

Ashley Ries – Sally Perks and Hermeoone, Blondo Malfoy, Rowena, Rita Scooter, Bippy

Tracy Parr – Susie Bones and Harry, Colin, Hermeoone #2, Ric Gryff, Myrtle

Brian Fleming – Cedric and Mr. Voldy

Audition Information:

Coming Soon!

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Audition Information


DATES: Sunday, August 6th and Monday August 7th.
Callbacks: Tuesday, August 8th (if necessary).

  • Auditions held at the Stage Left Cafe of the Woodstock Opera House: 125 Van Buren St., Woodstock, IL 60098. Enter thru the Stage Left Cafe Door.
  • Pictures will be taken before your audition so headshots are not required. Photos will be used for casting purposes only and will not be shared beyond the production team.
  • We ask that you arrive 15 minutes prior to your audition time in order to complete the audition form.
    • Optional – print and complete audition form ahead of time here



  • Must be 16+ to audition. Roles are open to all ethnicities.
  • Please prepare a passage from your favorite Harry Potter text, no longer than 1 minute in length.
  • Be prepared to play some improv games.
  • Wear comfortable clothing as you will be moving quite a bit.



  • Rehearsals are expected to be Mondays, Tuesdays & Thursdays from 7:30 pm to 10 pm and Sundays from 2 pm to 5 pm with the first rehearsal table read on August 13, 2023.
  • Tech Week (two weeks): September 24th – October 5th (must be available all tech days and all performances to be considered for casting)
  • Performance Dates: October 6th -October 15th
    • Friday, October 6th: 7:30 pm
    • Saturday, October 7th: 2 pm & 7:30 pm
    • Sunday, October 8th: 2pm
    • Thursday, October 12th: 7:30 pm
      • (Note this is a Thursday performance)
    • Friday, October 13th: 7:30 pm
    • Saturday, October 14th: 2 pm & 7:30 pm
    • Sunday, October 15th: 2pm

Characters: (all roles available)

All roles are age 16+ unless otherwise noted.

WAYNE(A) HOPKINS – Must be 18+. (Any gender) The hero. Totally uncool, but full of charm, heart and loyalty. Best friends with Oliver and Megan.

OLIVER RIVERS – Must be 18+. (He/him) One of the main trio. Incredibly smart and cerebral. Role requires real comic chops and energy.

MEGAN JONES – Must be 18+. (She/her) One of the main trio. Favorite store: Hot Topic. Favorite color: black. Defiant and headstrong on the surface, her adamance of being completely unique and independent stems from her desire to be loved and accepted.

NARRATOR – Must be 18+. (Any gender) The narrator of the story. Guides us through our show. British accent. Must be a great storyteller, relatable and appealing. Comedy skills a must, improv background a plus.

ERNIE MAC and A VERY TALL MAN, SEAMUS, A CERTAIN POTIONS TEACHER, PROF. TURBAN, GHOST HISTORY TEACH, PROF. LOCKY, MR. NICK, SAL, SECOND HEADMASTER, REAL MR. MOODY(He/him) Requires an actor capable of doing strong characterizations and a British accent. Ernie Mac: Proud. Loud. Pretty sure he’s the best. Male Teachers: Potions Teacher/ Locky/ Professor Turban/ Mr. Moody. All impressions. Strong comedic ability.

HANNAH and FIRST HEADMASTER, PROF. McG, PROF. SPROUTTY, XAVIA JONES, PROF. LANNY, RUNES TEACH, MS. BABBLE(She/her) Requires playing several different roles. British accent required.

J. FINCH FLETCHLEY, and UNCLE DAVE, GOYLE, A FAT FRIAR, CLUMSY LONGBOTTOM, HERMEOONE #3, VIKTOR, MR. BAGMAN, ZACH SMITH(He/him) Anyone auditioning for these roles will need to be prepared to improvise a story.

LEANNE and GINNY, HELGA, FRENCHY(She/her) A little distant. A little random. Possibly a genius or really, really stupid but has a strong heart. The Puffiest of the Puffs. British accent required.

SALLY PERKS and HERMEOONE, BLONDO MALFOY, ROWENA, RITA SCOOTER, BIPPY(She/her) Sally: Nice. In year 3, goes through a bit of a growth spurt that attracts the other student’s attention, if you know what I mean. Bippy: A house elf. Devoted. Loyal. Kind of annoying. British accent required.

SUSIE BONES and HARRY, COLIN, HERMEOONE #2, RIC GRYFF, MYRTLE – (She/her) Susie: Sad. Gloomy. Constantly in fear of her or her family dying. Harry: Young, plucky, and famous. British accent required.

CEDRIC and MR. VOLDY – (He/him) Comic actor to play the pivotal roles of Cedric in Act I and Mr. Voldy in Act II. Cedric: A champion. Athletic and charming, but also loyal, patient, and kind. A leading example of a Puff. Mr. Voldy: Evil. Like, reeeaaally evil. British accent required.