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Meet Elizabeth Scrooge and journey to 1840s London in this delightful new adaptation by Jeff Cook of Charles Dickens’ holiday classic. Not a straight gender swap, this year’s A Christmas Carol is a lovingly reimagined version of the story full of the same characters, tradition, warmth, and festive atmosphere of the original! Our all-new re-telling is sure to win the hearts of children and adults this season!

Friday at 7:30pm  |  November 18 and December 2
Friday at 8:00pm  |  November 25
Saturday at 2:00pm  |  November 19, 26 and December 3
Sunday at 2:00pm  |  November 20 and December 4
Sunday at 4:00pm  |  November 27 


Jason Clark – Set Designer

Justin Charles – Properties Coordinator

Kenzie Conrad – Musical Director; Children’s Choir Director

Jeff Cook – Artistic Director; Adaptation Author

Karen Cook – Production Coordinator

Shannon Lee Day – Content Creator; Costume Designer; Choreographer

Val Gyorke – Stage Manager

Tracey Lanman – Technical Coordinator

Christi Nicholson – Costume Builder

Becca Polk – Costume Coordinator; Choreography Assistant

Lynn Sciaraffa – Assistant Stage Manager

Joel Bennett – Sound Designer 

actress holding lantern

Young Cast

Autumn Skye Braxton (She/Her) – Martha Cratchit; Children’s Choir

Ruth Dougherty (She/Her) – Belinda Cratchit; Children’s Choir

Vinny Falbo (He/Him) – Tommy Cratchit; Marshall; Children’s Choir

Colin Graf (He/Him) – Joe Miller; Children’s Choir

Mia Rose Kalinovic (She/Her) – Young Scrooge; Children’s Choir

Emelina Kelm (She/Her) – Tiny Tim; Children’s Choir

Cannon “CC” Kunash (She/Her) – Frightened Child; Children’s Choir

Evan Mai (He/Him) – Peter Cratchit; Children’s Choir

Annika MacDonald-Gropp (They/Them) – Millicent; Children’s Choir

Charlotte McMahon Thomas (She/Her) – Young Fan; Children’s Choir

Addyson Rebman (She/Her) – Cecily; Children’s Choir

Emily Reinhard (She/Her) – Sally; Children’s Choir

Adult Cast

Lynn Cotner (She/Her) – Mrs. Cratchit; Mrs. Dilber; Ensemble; U/S Scrooge 

Rob Cunningham (He/Him) – Fezziwig; Merry Gentleman #1; Ensemble

Elijah Freundl (He/Him) – William; Ensemble

Kim Freundl (She/Her) – Mrs. Fezziwig; Ensemble

Jacob Heelein (He/Him) – Topper; Ensemble

Kylee Jones (She/Her) – Christmas Yet To Come; Ensemble

Nicole Lapas (She/Her) – Elizabeth Scrooge

Amanda Lauteri (She/Her) – Alice Cratchit; Ensemble

Jamie Lee (She/Her) – Jane; Ensemble

Erin Liston (She/Her) – Adult Fan; Ensemble

Maggie Liston (She/Her) – Adult Scrooge; Ensemble

Paul Lockwood (He/Him) – Jacob Marley; Old Joe; Ensemble

Rachel Nezda (She/Her) – Amelia; Ensemble; U/S Alice

Tyler Schone (He/Him) – Dick Wilkins; Merry Gentleman #2; Ensemble

Marissa Snook (She/They) – Christmas Past; Ensemble

Matt Stewart (He/Him) – Fred; Ensemble

Derrick Wilson (He/Him) – Christmas Present; Ensemble